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The Dow Jones Index Has Only Been Up For Five Straight Years Three Times Earlier In History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index(Dow Jones Index) has had an incredible run the last five years. Coming from a low of 6500 in February 2009 the Dow Jones Index has been making new all time highs a few times since this year. At this moment the index is currently trading near its all time high of 16,000.

For the last five years (since 2009) the index has ended every year positive. As the image below shows, this is actually a very rare occurrence which has only happened 3 times before. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Dow Jones Index will make another year with a positive return next year. The image below shows that only one time before the Dow Jones managed to pull off six consecutive higher years.

Performance of the dow jones industrial average after five postive years