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Inflation In the US Is At The Lowest Pace Since 1965 If You Exclude The Short Deflationary Period In ’08/’09

Vincent Foster shared a chart today on Twitter that shows that inflation (CPI) in the US is now at the lowest point since 1965 if you exclude the short deflationary period in 2008 and 2009. Inflation is at this moment only 1% year over year.

inflation CPI in US at lowest in 50 years if you exclude 08-09


Dutch Inflation Near Highest Point In 10 Years

Today the new inflation numbers of the Dutch statistical bureau CBS arrived. According to CBS annual Dutch inflation is now at 2.9%. The main cause for this is the fact that the Dutch government decided to increase the value added tax (VAT) rate in october 2012. (credit: chart)

Nederlandse inflatie juni 2013 Dutch inflation june 2005 - 2013 short term month over month

If you look at the longer term inflation is near the highest point in 10 years. It is even higher now then it was for a big part during the 1990’s. According to CBS Dutch inflation averaged 1,89% during 2002 and 2011. Between 1992 and 2002 inflation averaged at 2.61%. The little peak of 4,5% in 2001 was caused by an increase of the Dutch VAT rate.

Nederlandse NL lange termijn inflatie maand over maand Dutch NL long term inflation month over month CBS

Because of these VAT rate hikes inflation in The Netherlands is now double that of the European average. PDF

inflatie nederland eurozone gemiddelde inflation netherlands dutch eurozone